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SUMMARY: The story of Hans Sauerborn a German living in the Netherlands under Nazi occupation during World War II. Hans was drafted into the German army, became an informant for the Dutch resistance and finally assisted in liberating the northern Dutch provinces of Friesland and Groningen.

DIRECTOR'S NOTE:  The inspiration for this documentary goes back many years. My grandfather's friends and family grew up in the northern Netherlands during the war. As a child, I became familiar with their stories of the German occupation.


In December 2019, a relative living in Friesland liked a Facebook post from the Oorlogsmuseum Middelstum which told the story of Hans Sauerborn. Thinking it was the perfect synopsis for a film, I began writing a screenplay. However, I was eager to share this remarkable story quickly and I felt that writing and filming a feature film would simply take too long.


This documentary became my senior capstone project at the University of Kansas. Research and planning started in early 2020 and filming began in February by interviewing my grandfather (Lambert), his brother and sister (Frank and Etta), and their friend Newton. Their testimony helps tell the story of Hans Sauerborn.


I visited the Netherlands in early March 2020 to undertake principal photography and interviews. I returned to the United States on March 11, 2020 - the day COVID-19 was declared a global pandemic.



9/14/21: The film has been selected to be shown at the Eagan Art Block Film Festival on September 25th!

9/25/21: The film won "Best of Festival - Best Documentary" at the Eagan Art Block Film Festival!


A huge "thank you" to all who made this project possible:

Interview Subjects:
Hans M. Sauerborn
Newton van der Woude
Frank de Jager
Lambert de Jager
Etta Schregardus

Narrator: Illari Hoevenaars

Footage & Photos:
The Fries Film Archief
Wikimedia Commons
The National Archives

Illustrations: Eliza Ring @elizathering
Maps: Dylan Reising

Special Thanks to:
Alan Pound
Christian Pound

Ties Groenewold
Oorlogsmuseum Middelstum

Doede Douma
Reinder H. Postma

Co-Written with Vickie de Jager

A film by Harry Pound
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oorlogsmuseum middelstum.png
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